Monday, January 23, 2012

Moving in the right direction

Sorry for the absence between posts on Olivia-- its hard to write something meaningful when there isn't any real change to update. But, now there is!!!

After trying the second time, Olivia was able to stay off the oscillating ventilator and be switched to the basic ventilator. They have been able to keep turning some of her settings on the ventilator down (slowly, but surely).  What are these mysterious settings I keep talking about? For those of you who care, they are the amount of pressure she gets from the machine to breath and the amount of oxygen she gets from the machine. It also controls her respiratory rate amongst some other things. After being taken off the oscillator they were also able to take her completely off the blood pressure medication they were having to give her as well as the paralytic. She is requiring more sedation now that they aren't giving her the paralytic because she is moving some (though she is still asleep) and that can throw the pressures off on the machine if she moves too much.

All these things are a wonderful move forward, but after an honest conversation with the doctor last night, while Olivia is expected to fully recover, the pneumonia is still very apparent on her chest x-ray and her stay will still be pretty significant from here on out in order to clear out her lungs.

Next? A post on the ramp. SO excited to let you all know whats happening!


  1. I am so glad that things are going better. We continue to pray for your sweet family.

  2. oh good. we've been thinking about you guys often.

  3. Hi Kelly - we have a mutual friend, Kathy Alstrin, and I wanted to reach out and introduce myself. We also have a little one with special needs. She was born with moderate to severe HIE. I haven't met anyone in the KC area that is on our path so I was excited to learn about your blog. You can read our story here:

    I didn't see an e-mail on here, so feel free to contact me at I know you are all busy right now with Miss Olivia in the hospital, so don't worry about it now if you don't have time. Sending love and prayers your way.