Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A few days behind

Warning: no cute pictures in this post.

Livi is back in the hospital. We had to take her Sunday afternoon. She ended up having three different respiratory viruses and pneumonia. She is still having fevers as of this afternoon, so she is still contagious. I have been trying to make it up there at least once a day in between feeding Gabby and then coming home to shower and change clothes to make sure she doesn't get anything. I have been leaning on some fabulous friends to babysit and they have been so generous.  Brian is as awesome as ever and trying to wear a billion hats this week-- he is working, taking care of Gabs and I, and trying to be at the hospital for Olivia as often as possible. This whole two kids and one in the hospital thing is horrible. We miss Olivia so much. She isn't as "scary" sick as what we thought Sunday evening, but its a very uncomfortable sickness and will take some time to get over. Don't ask me how long--we never know. Everyone knows Livi makes her own rules. We would appreciate the prayers and thanks to everyone who is signed up to bring us food this month for the birth of our second girl: your generosity is turning out to be even more appreciated than we thought, unfortunately.

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