Friday, January 6, 2012

I made it!

I did. I made it through the first week of having both girls at home by myself. To be fair, Brian can be flexible most times with work when I need him to be. Like this week, when we played musical babies just so I could get Livi and her incredible mound of crap she needs into preschool. We're working on a better system, but I am grateful for my husband and musical babies.

Interestingly enough, I didn't go crazy, I got some (SOME) housework done, had a great week, AND it went SO INCREDIBLY QUICKLY! Wasn't it just Monday?

After sitting up to hold Gabby to sleep pretty much every night since she's been home, Monday we decided enough was enough. Let the crying commence in her own bed. Am I a bad mom? Maybe. But I've got to say, after one night of crying off and on we ALL get great sleep at night and she is in a much better mood during the day from sleeping so soundly. I realize that this is not the norm, and that she will backslide several times into wanting to be held all the time, but for now we are loving it. All four of us.

This picture must have been from the beginning of the week :)

In case you thought I forgot, I didn't: we WILL be posting a update on the ramp project VERY soon.

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