Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A step in the right direction

I mean, I know I don't need to say it, but awesome weather, right? We had a fabulous holiday weekend with my family. Brian preached two of the three services on Sunday and then Monday was beautiful so we headed out (along with half of Kansas City) to the zoo. Livi and I played in the shade while Brian got us some lunch...

The post title is really more about me than Livi-- sorry grandmas! Livi actually hasn't had a great couple of days. More seizures than usual and some other bodily function problems that we are currently working on eliminating. (two guesses) Preschool today was less than stellar because of all of these issues and yet, I found myself thinking 'what a wonderful day despite how Olivia is doing'. I know that sounds strange, but for the past 2 1/2 years my life has completely revolved around the kind of day Olivia was having. Horrible, I know. But its honest. But today---today even though I knew Livi wasn't doing really well at preschool I left there from dropping her off and happened to have an impromptu walk with Brian from work to lunch at McCoys on the deck on the most beautiful day of the year. The whole day has been such a blessing and I am finally learning to be my own person. (Thanks mom, also for reminding me that will only be the case for the next three months. Thanks a lot!)

Yay for the McCoy's patio.

And definitely yay for this man! I love him so much!

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  1. well that's so good. i'm proud of you for letting go a little and relaxing. olivia will do what she does, regardless of whether you fret about her or not, you know?