Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Fabulousness

So, I unashamedly LOVE fall. I don't know what it is. Well, I kind of do. I am a sensory oriented person. I love to smell things baking or yummy candles, snuggling blankets even when I'm not cold, holding tea even when I don't necessarily want to drink it. I guess its all a comfort thing. At the risk of all the women who read this hating me, I also LOVE football. Like, love it. Brian always says that part of the reason he married me was so we could wake up on Saturday mornings in the fall and watch 2 hours of College Game Day together without feeling bad. And we do.

So, I have been waiting, and not very patiently, for fall to arrive. I am also the woman who wants to decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving--something Brian does not LOVE about me :)
So, waiting and waiting to celebrate fall in my own freakish way. But, fall has begun in my mind. I have been on this year-long hunt for the perfect smelly candles. I am REALLY picky for some reason about this. I have looked at cheap and expensive and everywhere in between and have not found candles that I loved, until last week. Oh, Febreeze, I did not expect to find my perfect candles on your shelf! But, $5 a piece? Yes. I think I will. Something pumpkin and something apple and that did it. They smell great, even if you don't light them! So, thanks to my fall candles, fall has begun. Which gave rise to this beautiful Target purchase yesterday (when I was supposed to be picking up just eggs)


Delish! So, here's my dirty little secret-- I don't really like to cook or bake in the months between March and August. Maybe its too hot or something. But, come September 1 and my husband can't keep me out of the grocery store. This little baking beauty is LEGIT. For real. I looked at all the recipes and there is not one in there that I wouldn't eat. And, just to make you feel better, there are zucchini muffins. Can't wait to break this thing in.

For those of you who just like to read about Olivia, I have something for you too. Just cause I kinda like her as well. She has gotten into this habit of making a pouting face pretty often. I'm not really sure why or where she learned it (I swear it wasn't from me!) but she wouldn't wipe this angry, pouty look off her face yesterday. I gave her her piano and she banging the keys REALLY hard and looking at me with this pout. So, I have to video it. She stopped pounding so hard but was still pouting. Here it is...


  1. I think maybe we're secretly the same person... except for the football thing. But I am all about fall and baking and decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving. Amen and amen.

  2. YES.... love gameday and love football. Olivia is hilarious!

  3. Thanks for the demo, Livi. Maybe I will try the pout while practicing tonight. Who knows, it may help :). Love, Gma