Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not gonna lie...

Don't hate me, but we've been back in the hospital with Olivia for two days now. She is doing great and will probably go home really soon. Its hard to explain what exactly the problem is, so I just avoided it all together. Its a real talent of mine.

For about the last week and the half her allergies have been gigantically infuriating. She has been coughing and vomiting up mucus and some food and sometimes medicine. The real problem is she gets choked so easily (thus the eating through the feeding tube) so Brian and I have been getting little to no sleep due to having to begin close to life-saving techniques on her. We are tired. Monday she needed extra oxygen and we brought her into the ER. They suctioned her good (with a special suction we don't have at home) and she has been doing better. Just an hour ago getting off oxygen all together. This afternoon they will be checking to see why she is vomiting. When she had her feeding tube put in they also did a technique where they tightened the bottom of her esophagus to keep acid and food from reaching her mouth. Today they will put some stuff through her tube and then watch her on an x-ray to see if the food is coming up past the surgery place. I hope not, though I just want to not have to worry about driving in the right lane all the time in case I have to pull over and keep her from choking to death on her vomit. This has happened a few times in the last couple of weeks. Scary and not fun.

So, instead of being Suzy Sunshine and telling you all the wonderful things about our life--of which there are many--I'm going to be negative and honest and tell you how we're really feeling. Finally rested and ready to get our girl back to normal.

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  1. geeeeeeeez...praying for her. you guys are amazing.