Monday, June 13, 2011

Reporting live from the hospital

So, my intention to blog the last two weeks has ended with an unfortunate event: Livi is in the hospital. We brought her in yesterday afternoon after the runny nose turned into more of a deep growling cough and she needed more oxygen. They are keeping her for pneumonia. She is ok, she is on a lot of oxygen for her (3 liters) and since it is just day 2 of this illness (day 3-5 sometimes get worse) we are buckling down for a couple to several days (sounds exact doesn't it?) Of course we never know how long it will be.

We, of course, will keep to up to date on that business, but some other things have been happening too. We had our new baby's 12 week appt last Friday and heard another good heartbeat, so Brian and I are really letting down our guard about this pregnancy and feeling great about it.

Also, Livi and I took an all girls trip to Joplin to visit some friends from home who were having a double baby shower. It was so much fun and we had such a great time. I'll leave you with some stunning photos of the Yocum and Key women in their swimming attire (I didn't bring my suit) when we sat in the baby pool the backyard at my parents. Those glasses on Livi actually aren't goggles, they are sunglasses with elastic in the back. Perfect for her, but a little confusing looking. Pink, as always.

I have to say, this one is my personal favorite. If you don't know her well it looks like she is smiling. She is in fact gritting her teeth-- probably in frustration. Admittedly, the water was a little cold. Apparently, even when there is a heat index of 105 it takes longer than an hour for hose water to heat to an appropriate temperature.


  1. In my defense I really don't think the pool temp had anything to do with the pneumonia, but what ev....

  2. It was so fun to see you girls last week! And, this grandma won't be seen on a blog in her swimsuit. Way to go, Margaret!