Monday, June 20, 2011

Guess what.

We're still here. Sorry its been so long. Still in the hospital. Livi is doing much better. Is on the smallest measurable amount of oxygen, back on regular feeds, but still needs what they call "deep suction". Essentially they insert a very small catheter in her nose and down her throat to suck the gunk out. We don't do that kind of suction at home, so they will keep her here as long as she needs that extra procedure. Looking at at least Wednesday I guess now, but she is mostly in good spirits and much more her personality, which poses some problems laying in a hospital bed 24-7. Honestly, she's not laying the whole time. We are doing a lot of holding, but with the monitors she is on the farthest we can go is an extra foot and a half away from the bed to the recliner. Not very much of a field trip. She is being a good sport and spirits are high with our family now that she is mostly out of the woods. Thanks for the prayers and I will post a picture of her in those horrendous gown with her clean, but very nappy hair soon.

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