Wednesday, June 15, 2011

just 10 more minutes

10 minutes. thats how fast things change when Olivia is in charge. I kept thinking I'd wait to blog until she was clearly better for clearly worse. Better, worse, better, worse. Thats how things have been going. She was admitted Sunday night. Was NOT doing well on Monday. Monday night (midnight) admitted to PICU for precautionary sake. Noon on Tuesday back on a regular room. Great Tuesday morning. Less great Tuesday night. Even less great Wednesday morning and now, Wednesday afternoon: the best I've seen her look since Saturday (this is also while she was coming off of an almost 103 degree fever).

I know we all know by now Olivia does things her own way. That was reiterated to me this week. So, she is good now. But things change quickly here. It'll be another couple of days--Friday at the earliest. She is still just on IV fluids (no food) and still having fevers randomly (she hadn't had one before this afternoon in like 36-48 hours) and the labs came back and say just two really common cold viruses, in fact, the exact same 2 she had last October when she went into heart failure. What is it with this girl?!?!?

In the middle of all of that fun, Monday night on the way home from visiting her Brian explains to me he doesn't "feel well". Turns out that would include 36 hours of fevers including topping out at over 103 Tuesday night. He is better now and back to work, but banned from the hospital until tomorrow, so its been a little lonely here, but good.

Probably will blog again soon, when things either are more or less definitive. :)

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