Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gonna have to make some changes

We are so happy to be settling in again at home. Livi has taken a few days to come back to 100%, but she has done some standing and walking in the stander and yesterday took three bites of baby food. We have had a great time.

Attitude, anyone?

And now to the changes... see those doors she's standing in front of in the last picture? I'm pretty sure they're original to the house--yes, they are 90 years old. There is no knob on the outside and we have done so much weather stripping on these its unreal. We've been talking a bit about putting a ramp in on the side of the house from these doors, but just kept it on the back burner. Being 15 weeks pregnant has moved this more to the front. Is it impossible for me to carry her? No. But it is getting a bit uncomfortable and the hard part is, we have to be honest about how long it might take for her to learn to walk, even in her walker. She is getting better, but is not going to be taking off on her own in the next few months. We are going to start making plans to go ahead and put the ramp in hopefully early fall at the latest. The humbling part is, this is all very expensive and tacked onto her medication costs, preschool coming up, and home medical supply rentals we might be needing some help. Brian and I are praying and considering our options, but the bottom line is, the ramp is moving from a preference thing to a necessary thing. Yuck.

Please be thinking about us and praying for us as we consider the best and most responsible way to care for all of Olivia and the new baby's needs. But, its not doom and gloom. I am feeling mostly really good. Olivia is doing great and we are having a wonderful time as a family this summer. I'm definitely more of a fall girl and am ready for football and the cooler weather, but I'll take what I can get.

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