Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trolley Run Survivors!

So, we did it! Last Sunday we ran/walked the 4 miles of the Trolley Run. It was a beautiful day--cool and sunny. Shout out to Brian, my mom, and Allen, my brother-in-law for running the entire thing. We are so proud of you! The rest of us were lazy and walked. It was crazy busy all morning there and I heard there was a new record of runners-- 11,000 some odd. Way to go CCVI and thank you Kansas City! Here are some pics from Sunday.

Also thought I would post a video of Livi kill'n it on the piano--her new favorite toy. Thanks Nana for such an awesome birthday present!


  1. Beautiful, Livi! A girl after my own heart - practicing just like Gma :). Thanks, Alice!!!
    BTW - I wouldn't call anyone that walked four miles "lazy". We all rocked it - it was a fabulous day and we're so happy for CCVI. Thanks, KCMO!!!

  2. Whoohoo! Way to go, all of you! And I love all that beautiful music! But your mom is right, I know she's been practicing (just like her Gma). :)