Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New "firsts"

First of all, I should probably apologize for the lack of effort on my part to download the new Blogger stuff which allows putting these pictures up much much easier. Also, it helps when you're not too lazy to download them instead of just "dragging" them to the desktop. So, this is me apologizing. I hope these pictures turn out better. This is what Olivia and I did this morning. It was her "first" not mine, just to clarify that point. These are in order of mommy being more and more confident in my kid's strength and ability. They range from weenie to "doesn't my kid rock?"

Also, please excuse my hair in that picture. I didn't wash it this morning because my friend Ang and her kids and us went walking. And it was windy. You get the picture. Literally. Windy, greasy hair. Ick.

I am trying not to look worried in that picture, but Olivia can feel it, I guess. She looks a little concerned.

Kill'n it! Actually, what you can't see is the three jackets I have stuffed behind her tush to keep her from sliding. But she did hold herself up there for a few minutes. I was SO very proud.

Its easy to let our fear of seizures (which could have either gotten or close to or completely toppled her out of the swing) control the things we do in life. I am learning that being wise and being afraid are not the same things. I can trust the Lord, and my daughter, without trying to navigate every situation perfectly. We WILL be going to park more often, including the little 2 ft pool they have at this one. Bet you can't wait to see me with this hair in a swimming suit!


  1. I just LOVE your posts!!! and way to go Olivia!! her legs are so long... you can really tell in the swing pics... such a big girl!

  2. YAY Olivia!!! I think I know that park... I grew up on that one! :)

  3. Her hair is amazing...seriously, those curls are gorgeous!

  4. This makes me so so happy!

  5. hooray! she looks like a natural in that swing...
    and your hair is glorious. do you see mine at church every sunday? you never know what i'll wake up with...