Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some recent entertainment

Well, the KidWalk finally came! We are so excied and had hoped to use it for the Trolley Run tomorrow, but its just so new for Olivia the way it positions her body she is still getting used to it little by little. We won't feel like a 4 mile walk is the way to break it in.

This picture is from her and I "practicing" this morning. I was practicing putting her in it without pissing her off and she was practicing standing and walking. She is not yet walking independently in it, but we'll get there. She was enjoying looking out the porch doors--grandma says she is waiting for them to get here.

Livi had a good morning today and a good night tonight, but the afternoon was more napping and more seizures than a usual day. Thats ok. Apparently thats why we keep Tugger, our 4yr old boxer around--to entertain us while the kid sleeps. Brian thought it would be funny to play sounds on his phone to see what Tugger would do. There are no words...

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