Saturday, February 27, 2010

Real life starts now

Now that our life is calming down and resembling something normalish to the world, I guess I feel that I don't have anything to write because my life is not that different from yours. I suppose that "normal people's" lives are still interesting because there are a lot of blogs out there. For a while I was just reporting news and funny stories. The truth is, when the hubbub stops, there is more time to think. Perhaps these are some of the things I should be sharing with you.

Though often Olivia is very alert and awake, responding to things, (like for the first time the other day she smiled when she heard Brian's voice over the phone) there are a lot of things that concern Brian and I. Often there are times when we're not sure if her brain is "on". Lots of staring off into space (which could also be a mild seizure) or being completely still...not responding to either of us by turning her head too. She is not putting toys back up to her mouth, but is bearing more weight in the crawling position and doing very well keeping her knees underneath her. The question is not how is she doing now. The real question in our minds is how is she doing a year from now? Obviously we cannot know, but since there is no diagnosis, we have no frame of reference for what to expect in her future. Perhaps this is a blessing, because right now we expect her at some point to be a fully functional and beautiful individual. On occasion, during a "bad day" the thought does cross our minds--what will she be like?

Now that I have "more time" I'm thinking of reading parenting books specifically for families with children with special needs. Somehow that seems limiting to Olivia to call her that, but I think it will be helpful to find more people who have the same daily routine and the same concerns as we do with their children. If you know of any specifically, let me know, otherwise amazon will be the specialist there.
At the same time, it seems silly to want to parent Olivia differently. The people that we spend life with all have regularly developing children. Is that a disservice to her? Will it be?

On a more positive note, we will be sending out official invitations, but you are all cordially invited via blog to attend Olivia's first birthday party ON her birthday on April 3. Details are coming, but we are VERY excited.

Lastly, a very special shout out to our friend Jude Murray who came home for the first time yesterday from Mercy's NICU after being about 3 mo. early in visiting his parents. We know you'll do great, Jude-boy! We're so proud of you!

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