Friday, February 12, 2010

Bright futures

Today we visited Dr. Taylor in Plumonology clinic. We LOVE her! First, she said since Livi is sick she can kind of hear something in the bottom of the left lung and we went for x-rays on the way out of the hospital. She is going to call later today with the results. It doesn't sound like much, but Dr. Taylor wants to keep Livi out of the hospital if she can help it. She said, actually, for being sick, she sounds pretty good. Also, when Livi is over her cold we can turn her oxygen down a bit and see how she does. Dr. Taylor forsees her being able to go an hour or two without any oxygen at all after she is done with being sick. We will take it really slowly, but are super excited about the prospect.

We also discussed with Dr. Taylor about how Livi is progessing, but VERY VERY slowly, and more slowly than I imagined. She said that is totally normal. Actually, her own son had a reaction to some medication she had to take before she had him. He didn't start sitting up until 14mo., crawling at 2yrs., and then walking alone without braces by 3yrs. She said it was slow going at first, but then they take off and he is caught all the way up now. She is very optomistc for Livi's prognosis in the long run. We are hopeful as well.


  1. That is a great prognosis. I am so happy that you have found a doctor who is so encouraging!
    Thank you for the newsletter and your sweet note. I continue to keep you all in my prayers. Olivia is such a cutie--I can't wait to meet her one of these days. Love ya! Sue Williams

  2. Kelly - thanks for the good news -- I find myself checking every day to see what might be new. Come to Joplin sometime soon so we can all hold this sweet girl.

    Love, Jane

  3. Jane, we plan on coming some time in March. We will let you know for sure!

  4. Kelly,

    We've been out of town and I just read your recent posts. Sorry to hear that you all have been ill. I think you have learned enough perseverance don't you? I too am glad you have heard positive news from your recent doctors visit. We think of you everyday.

    Dean & Nancy