Monday, February 8, 2010

Liar, liar pants on fire...

So, I'm the big, fat liar. All that emotion about doing better and now its been a week. Go figure.

Not really any appts, though it has been a busy week. Olivia is doing very well. Today we got her in the crawling position (which only took one person and not two people this time) and when I shifted her weight for her she moved her own arms and legs. She is definitely learning. She still LOVES to stand up and can for a long time now. She also apparently loves to be tossed in the air...mommy's arms are so tired!

Last week we met with CCVI (children's center for the visually impaired) and they are probably going to start sending out a teacher once a week, even though Olivia slept through the second evaluation. I think the teacher mostly just works on ways to get her to focus on toys and teaches me ways to present things to her where she can understand what she is looking at.

Our OT who comes to the house is also starting to come now every week instead of every other week.

Its promising how much she is learning and how much stuff people are wanting to teach her. We are so excited about the possibility of her crawling and even walking some day.

Also, Livi is officially 10 mo old now. Can you believe it?!?!? I'm already thinking about her first birthday party. I am going to be those moms that people hate and make a big, fat deal about her first birthday. It'll be a HUGE party and we'll celebrate the heck out of her. I think she deserves it. It would also be a good time to thank everyone for their help. Brian and I have certainly not done it alone.


  1. Aunt Mal already has the party hat on!! And a Ricks cake on the mind! My little angel is growing up so fast...I can't wait to celebrate her and her precious life, but also the ways she has strengthened my faith. Give her lovins from me...LOTS of it! Make sure it's the kind where she makes her famous scrunchy, grossed out, quit kissin me face haha love you all and can't wait to see you!
    Aunt Mal

  2. Kelly- We have only met once, at Getaway, but I work for the MBC on the student ministry team in Jeff City. I do hear a lot about you and Olivia from Brian at other events so I feel like we should be friends.:) I just started following your blog and want to say that I think you and Brian are amazing parents. Thank you for your transparency as you walk this journey of parenthood and the extra challenges you you meet with Olivia's health. I know God has enabled you to do far more than you ever thought possible and He has done that to show Himself strong and faithful to everyone around you as well. You have encouraged me to trust and lean on Him more. You guys are great and I feel so blessed to serve with you in ministry (from afar most of the time) and call you friends. We are praying for you guys and I hope to see you at Engage this month!

    Because of Him...Angela Carson