Monday, February 22, 2010

Hey everyone. Just wanted to say we're still alive. It has been a week since I posted something. We've had a lot of visitors this week and were kept really busy. Olivia is doing well--pretty much done with the cold she had. I am feeling better too. Finally went to the dr and got some antibiotics.

The weather here the last week has been just stupid. There was a day last week when it was 40 degrees and the sun was out. It felt like 70. Then, this weekend we got an inch of ice and a couple inches of snow. School is out today so Brian doesn't have to work. YAY!

I guess the biggest news this week came at Olivia's expense when I was trying to be supermom and do everything at once. We made a non-emergency trip to the ER yesterday on the way to church in the evening. Olivia was eating (her tube was in and hooked up with the pump) and I was carrying her, the pump, and several other things out to the car at once like I usually do. I don't know when or how this happened, but when Brian was buckling her in he started yelling, "her button is out!"
For those of you that don't know, Olivia's feeding tube works like this: there is a "button" attached to her stomach at all times, not too thick, and this button stays in her stomach by an inflated balloon inside of her. Here is a picture. The balloon in on the inside of her and the flat end hooks up to the feeding pump. Well, I think I had stepped on the tube (which is long) that is attached to the pump while she was feeding and tried to put her in the carseat at the same time, thus pulling out that balloon through the hole in her stomach while it was still inflated. Ouch, right? My kid didn't make a noise! So, about ten seconds after it happened Brian saw her button sitting in her lap, so remembering our training from ten months ago I got the spare button and put it in the hole in her stomach, filled it with water, and went to the ER to make sure it was right. It was. We were all in one piece again, and besides being sore around her button site, no one was worse for the wear.
It was a good reminder to me, though. Taking care of my kid is not a sprint. We will hardly ever be places on time and look put together when we get there. Taking care of Olivia, like all kids, is a marathon. Being late is fine if you're taking your time to do things right. For the next little while at least I will be reminded to take my time and do things the right way.

We're all still talking, don't worry. :) And I am not the first to replace a button on a child. Most people go through a couple before the first few months. We feel that we've done pretty good so far. Mom messed things up. We need to have a sign in our house: days without a button accident: 1.

Oh, also, our absolutely wonderful friends are photographers and took some pictures of Livi and our family last week. Hopefully we will see them soon and share some with you all. We can't wait!!!


  1. Oh my! I don't really get the mechanics of it; but, really that is okay. I am just waiting for the day I drop Max or something. I keep telling myself SLOW DOWN..... everything takes longer with a baby and it isnt a race, it's a marathon - and hopefully everyone arrives at the finish line intact!

  2. Oh Kelly and Brian,
    Another experience your neighbor probably caught on video, huh? Really glad all was okay.

    Dean & Nancy