Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New "problems"

I've been thinking and talking with Brian about how things are different around our house than a year ago, and much different than 2 years ago. Whenever I get "down" or have a moment being sad about what Olivia is not doing I am reminded of two Christmases ago, when the seizures first started, and she was "awake" for about an hour of her first Christmas. It was heart-breaking for sure. Our expectations of that day had been much different.
Last year she participated a little bit more, but was still sleeping tons and seizing quite a bit.


Lets just say this picture was taken before the sun came up last week. I couldn't keep her in bed any longer, so being the great mother I am, I set her in front of the TV to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (Please excuse the fro. Her hair had not been "did" at 6:30)

So, now, instead of worrying about her sleeping all day and trying to wake her up for things I have to worry about her actually taking a good enough nap. I'll take it! Instead of picking one or two things to try to work with her on as far as therapy, or which toys to play with I find myself running out of ideas.

As every mother knows, with less sleeping comes more tantrums--and my child is no exception (sorry grandparents). For example, yesterday Olivia woke up about 7am and didn't want to take a nap until 11am, despite my many attempts. Thats all fine and good, except her preschool starts at noon. You can imagine how that morning went. 7 hours of sleep the night before and a thirty minute nap yielded a HUGE tantrum thirty minutes before preschool was over. I actually had to take her home early because she was crying so hysterically. As usual, once we got in the car and had one of our "talks" about how big girls behave I got one of these "who me?" looks and then silence--just looking out the window like she hadn't just thrown the biggest fit ever.

Ah--life with a 2 year old. But, we have so much to be thankful for, and are not complaining about our current set of "problems". When mommies run out of energy by the middle of the afternoon life is good. I actually have to go now and convince my daughter, who has spent the last hour awake in her bed, that its time to take a nap. If that doesn't get done, I'd love to show you the pictures from the huge tantrum at physical therapy that will ensue.

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