Friday, November 25, 2011

Feliz Thanksgiving-o

Yes, that was actually said at my house yesterday. Thanks for the comic relief, dad. Every once in a while he likes to display his stellar Spanish skills.

On a more serious note, I'll let you guess where we are based on the Thanksgiving dinner we had yesterday:

Actually, for cafeteria food for Thanksgiving it was really decent, so don't feel bad. We also had an entire pecan pie delivered by some friends later that day, so we really came out on the best end of things. It was delicious. Thanks, Boyds!!!

So, Livi is still in the hospital, which, I have to say, is longer than I thought it would be. She is doing pretty decent, but changes during the day how much oxygen she needs, how much she is coughing, how awake she is, so its really difficult to give each day much different than a general judgement. She is, though, better than at the beginning of the week. Its really just a nasty cold that got a hold of her a little stronger than the last few. Also, being sick increases her seizures (really any stress to her system increases them) and yesterday that was the most frustrating part of the day.

Two days ago, though she was doing wonderfully and was VERY awake and playful. I wish I had some decent video of what we'll call the yogurt incident, but of course as soon as we got the camera out she went "deer in headlights" on us. Kids. *sigh* I was sitting in the recliner holding her and my dad kindly went to get me some peach yogurt for a snack. Since both hands were busy holding her my adorable mother spoon fed me the yogurt. I cannot explain how intentional Olivia's staring became except to say that she was VERY clearly communicating that she wanted the yogurt. She would watch the spoon to my mouth, stare at me, then turn her gaze to stare at the yogurt cup and then bore a hole with her eyes in my mother until she got some tastes of yogurt. The staring and smacking (yes, she smacked) went on for about 5min until I decided she had enough "tastes" of yogurt. She continued with the staring to inform me that she was unhappy about being cut off. It was just the latest episode where we see so much of who Olivia is in her own brain, but cannot always show us. We are so grateful for these glimpses, even if they are in the hospital for now.

On a Gabby update: she was 5lbs 7oz on Tuesday when my dr. measured her, and I will be full term (37 weeks) tomorrow. I am VERY pleased with her size considering and am using this time in the hospital to lay down and rest, per instructions from my dr. I realize I have not posted a "belly picture" and will spare you all the bare belly pics (you would have to shoot me or drug me to get me to take those pictures), but will send you the picture I took earlier this week to send to my sister, who is also pregnant (26 weeks). We were comparing belly sizes. I think I won--as long as winning is being fatter.

By the way, how do you like my dirty mirror?

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  1. dang...thanksgiving in a hospital. GANG.STER.
    thats so great about the yogurt...a glimpse into her brain! love it.
    and also, you are so cute preggars. i will take some belly photos for you. get the drugs out and let's do this.