Monday, November 21, 2011

Hello, again, dear 'ol friend

Here I am, sitting with my feet up in a recliner with the computer on my lap staring out the window on this cold and rainy Monday. The laptop is mine. The recliner and the window belong to Children's Mercy.

We had a fantastic weekend with Nana and Papa from Texas, which, unfortunately, ended in a little bout of sickness that is worthy of staying in the hospital for a bit. Livi is doing well--being herself and tired as can be right now, but unwilling to take a nap-- of course. Somehow this makes me feel better. She is doing well enough to be ornery. She just needs a little more oxygen and a special kind of suctioning-- neither of which we can do at home. Otherwise (besides a small fever a few hours ago) she is just fine. Hopefully we will be out for Thanksgiving and a visit from Grandma and Grandpa on Wed, but only Olivia knows.

Its probably good that I'm sitting here and not at home. There isn't anything to clean or laundry to do so I can't get into too much trouble. I've been having more contractions and finally some that are painful-- usually around the end of the day. I'm trying to ward off Gabby (if, in fact she feels like coming early). I didn't have any contractions with Olivia until labor time, so this is new for me, but I see the perinatologist tomorrow and my OB Wed, so I'm well taken care of. Brian is getting more and more protective of me walking fast, carrying just about anything and in general moving. Its cute, and a little difficult for me, so I find it annoying, but I appreciate that he loves me that much. I just get so bored watching him do everything!

I would post a picture, but since she had the fever Livi is just laying naked in her bed staring at her mobile trying to go to sleep. Maybe we'll post one where she looks presentable later.

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  1. Oh Livi, I wanted to come see you at school tomorrow! Dumb cold and flu season. :/