Monday, October 3, 2011

No pants afternoons

This weekend was the first time in a year and a half that Brian and I have found time to get away for a few days without Olivia. It was fantastic, but of course we missed her. Because of the generosity of some very kind friends, we spent the weekend in northwest Arkansas at a lake house alone. We fished. We slept. We did watch about an hour of football while we ate lunch. And then we fished some more. The whole time we enjoyed the best weekend ever and this view...

Meanwhile, in Joplin, my mother enjoyed this view...

Thats my grandma and my dad reading Livi's pop-up book to her on my parents new and wonderful back porch. I'm trying to convince my mom to call it the 'mom cave'. I'll let you know how it goes over... I think the picture was meant to convey to me that everyone was perfectly fine and having a good time. The first thing I noticed was that my mother was making sure Olivia felt right at home at their house--by keeping with our tradition of 'no pants afternoons'. Generally, if we aren't going out of the house, Olivia is doing stuff in a diaper and a shirt. Its really just laziness on my part. Also, Livi gets Miralax regularly and its just easier to keep from washing another pair of pants, thus she just doesn't wear any. Apparently no pants afternoons doesn't keep EVERYONE from washing extra laundry---sorry grandma!

Side note: I am 29 weeks pregnant. How is this going so fast? I need to get my act together. The 'nursery' is still 100% Brian's office. Whoops!


  1. This might be a terrible comment, but on my "blogroll" I just get the title of the blog and the first sentence of the post. The combo of the two with this post made me raise my eye brows until I read the whole thing. ;)