Thursday, October 13, 2011

Room for one more?

We've been busy busy lately, but in a good way. Brian went to Philly last weekend for a conference and the girls had the weekend to themselves. We survived and had lots of fun! Then Tuesday afternoon we left for Livi's neurology appointment in St. Louis. Wednesday at 7am we got to the hospital and they did a spinal tap to use some of her spinal fluid for some more tests as to the cause of her epilepsy. Later that afternoon we met with her neurologist in clinic and came up with more steps to our plan for Livi's treatment. We are so lucky to have providers that care so much!

We got home from St. Louis last night at 8pm. At 11:30pm we were in Childrens Mercy's ER because Livi had another fever. We wanted to check everything out considering she had needles stuck into her spine earlier that day and were concerned about infection. Turns out she has some sort of a spot on her chest x-ray that is either pneumonia or a slightly collapsed lung. I might know more when I speak with the dr.'s today, but suffice it to say we are all very tired, but doing well considering. She is just on her regular home regimen of things now with the addition of antibiotics. We'll see where we go from here. Brian and I might be worse off than Livi--getting home from the hospital at 4am after two days of travel and getting up at 5am the day before.

I had another (one of the weekly) perinatologist appointments for the baby (who we are now positive we will be calling Gabrielle). She looks great again this week! But the craziness of the last few days got me thinking---do we really have room for one more? Of course we'll love her like crazy, but so much of what we do even down to the hour is about taking care of Olivia I just don't know how we'll make it work. I know, I know....everyone does. We will too. Just seems insane to think about. We'll want Gabby to feel she gets as much attention and love as Livi. What will we do with a midnight ER trip? Only have one of us take Livi? Take all of us? Go nuts?

Oh sheesh--it'll work out somehow. I do need your help, though. First name is definitely Gabrielle. Last name is still definitely Key (don't worry, honey). Middle name is under further review--suggestions?


  1. what's your middle name? your mom's middle name? brian's mom's middle name?

  2. James, mine is Suzanne. Brian's mom's is Marie and my mom's is Lindsay. Both of them have suggested something very close to Elise for a middle name but apparently are both very shy, because I got emails and not posts :) I totally just outed you grandmas!