Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of Preschool

So, it didn't go quite like I had hoped. I actually almost didn't even take her this afternoon because her allergies were so bad the night before that she barely got any sleep. I did take her and she slept through at least some of it, but if I got 4 hours of sleep the night before I think I would sleep through preschool too. We just started her on some allergy medicine today, so I'm hoping that makes Thursday's preschool adventure a little better. Nevertheless, we took her and took a few pictures...don't get excited...she's sleeping in all of them.

Maybe my expectations were too high for today. I think I just wanted a "regular-ish" preschool experience. Just a regularish something for Olivia. Well, maybe it was for me too. Today, when I knew she wasn't feeling well and was really tired I left dropping her off at preschool heartbroken. Even here, where there are other kids like her, she was "different". I know it was just one day. I know there will be plenty of days when she has a fabulous time totally awake at preschool, but it was a very difficult afternoon for me. I think I was hoping we would just fit in today. Probably just hoping that for myself. God is teaching me a lot of things, but I am a reluctant student, especially lately. I just want what I want what I want. You know?

We'll get there, both Olivia and I. She will have a great time at preschool most of the time, and eventually I will continue to love the life that God has given to us.


  1. Of course Olivia is PERFECT - just ask her Gma and Gpa :). (Her parents aren't bad either...)

  2. I bet that was a hard day. But I am sure when she is awake, it will be really good for her. And -- not least of all -- for you. She will be in good hands; you'll get a break; and you will be SO happy to see her when she is done with her school day each day. Win, win, win!