Friday, August 5, 2011

Anniversaries and other stuff

I've gone and done it again--waited too long to blog so now I have all this stuff to say...

First of all, a happy 5th anniversary to my wonderful husband. We are not the people we were 5 years ago. In a lot of ways we're better because of each other, and because of Olivia. My appreciation for Brian goes so much deeper than I could have ever thought the day we got married. I count myself extremely lucky and wonderfully blessed to have him in my life.

Secondly, I know you all are on the edge of your seats, but you only have to wait until next Thursday to find out if we're having a boy or a girl. We really don't have a guess and we really don't care which. Just to be safe, they will be doing an echo of the baby's heart in addition to some other measurements just to make sure everything is okay because of Olivia's history.

I probably mostly haven't been blogging for two reasons: 1. Its been so flipp'n hot we haven't been going anywhere or doing anything unnecessary for the last month or so. So, no cute pool or park or zoo pictures, but hopefully to come. 2. I LOVE helping Olivia walk and crawl, both of which she is improving on and wanting to do more often. This is awesome, but if we do that for about an hour before Brian gets home I can barely hold my head up for dinner time. Its one thing to crawl around on the floor with her, but to bear both her weight and my extra weight while maneuvering is tiring.

AND, since I can't help her do these things and video or photograph it all by myself, here are some pics from today hanging out with daddy after an afternoon of running errands...

Please excuse the lack of pants on Olivia. When we get home in the afternoon in the summer thats just how we roll...diaper only.


  1. she is just getting so big.

    you are such a good mommy. seriously. olivia is a lucky lady.

  2. I hate to repeat what is posted above me; but, she is getting so big!!! That's how we roll in the afternoons also - diaper only! Heck, I'd go pantless if I could.
    Next week is supposed to be cooler. If you read this and would be interested in a trip to Deanna Rose or our neighborhood pool, let me know. I'd love it.
    Love you...