Friday, June 1, 2012

Where we've been

So, I realize its been a month. I am horrified at my unintentional and unannounced hiatus. Lets cut through the crap and we'll just tell you whats going on...

The first three of the last four weeks have been a blur of medication, bottles, lots and lots of diapers and tons of fun. I was wiped everyday from hanging with my ladies. Here are some pics...

Oh, sisterhood. Doesn't Gabby look like she is just trying to do whatever Olivia is doing?

We've had A LOT of trips to the park. That and Target are the only place both girls will be quiet and entertained--like mother like daughters.

I got some plants from a friend for a very early birthday present. Liv and I had a fun and interesting time potting these during Gabs' nap. Livi's "helping" ended in several leaf tragedies.

I know you're waiting for it...a week ago we had to take Liv back to the hospital for trouble breathing. Turns out it was more bacteria from the trach, but this time she had pneumonia. The first few days things were very close to getting back to ICU, but God answered our prayers and spared Liv this time. She is still in the hospital, but honestly looks great. She is breathing well now, but of course her tummy is taking some time re-adjusting to food from IV fluids, so probably a few more days.

Gabby is not the most low-key hospital visitor, but she is doing fine. Allowing me to get an hour or so in with Liv about every morning at least. 

Looks like she feels fine, huh?

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