Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Bride

I have an amazing wife.

That is really the understatement of the millennium.

Today is her birthday and I want all of you to know that words cannot truly express how thankful I am for her. The ways that she cares for our girls is incomparable to anything I have ever witnessed. She is mom, nurse, therapist, and advocate all wrapped up in one person.

You are all witnessing something special in my wife. I am a very blessed man to be able to have her in my life and my girls could not have a better model of what a wife and mother should be like.

So, with that said...Happy Birthday Kelly Suzanne Key. I love you more than words will allow me to express. I am thankful for you. I hope that in spite of the circumstances we find ourselves in currently that today is a special day for you.

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  1. I hope that everyone who has the privilege to get to know Kelly Key will realize what Brian already knows: that she is amazing because she is beautiful, and she is beautiful in that she is a giver. She gives to the rest of us by showing up at times when we KNOW she's wiped out, though we only think of that later when we pray for her; at the time, we just see her smile. And she gives to us sharing her family with us. And the blog! Kelly has a birthday. WE get the presents. Such a deal!