Monday, April 30, 2012

Peekaboo, I see you

So, it turns out that this second admission to the hospital is from bacteria from having a trach-- something they told us would happen, I guess I just didn't expect it so soon. Honestly, she probably got this bacteria before she left the hospital a week ago, but who ever knows. So, Livi is doing wonderfully-- though she needs suctioned quite a bit now. She was coughing up nasty looking stuff over the weekend, but with the help of some heavy duty antibiotics is feeling pretty much herself. Know how I know?

 This is her pretty face. I like to think she isn't trying to actually "make" a face here.

 This is generally what we refer to as her "pirate face" because it usually come with one eye closed. Whatever it is, its sassy. Sorry Brian. You kind of look ridiculous in this one too--innocent bystander.

 We can't always be sure, but this is usually what her silly smile looks like. She gave all the cute smiles out before I got the camera out. She's not angry--I promise. Didn't anyone see that episode of Friends? She's just like Chandler--when she tries to smile it just comes out wrong.

This one is new. I actually don't know what this is exactly except maybe surprised?

Sorry, honey. I know I just slathered the internet with naked pictures of you looking ridiculous, and you're 3 now and probably too old for that. I just couldn't help it. So, Livi's facial affect is generally less than other kids. I don't know if its part of her brain that the seizures get a hold of or what, but mostly Brian and I see a lot more of her silliness than you probably will in public. So, here is a myriad of examples of the silliness from about a total of 10 minutes time. Needless to say, Brian and I had a FABULOUS visit.

Also, we expect her home either today or tomorrow. And we may be providing you with pictures of her coming in the house differently this time-- you know "rampish".

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