Friday, April 27, 2012

Lucy, I WAS home

Thats right. If I don't blog everyday at our house we'll miss something. Olivia, thankfully, came home from the hospital on Monday. BIG YAY!!! It was a huge milestone for us and after a three and half month stay in the hospital and many times when we weren't sure we would be able to, we brought her home--where she belongs.

(obviously, she had some issues with sensitivity to direct sunlight. so sad.)

Tuesday was spent saying goodbye to Nana and Papa from Texas and settling in. Wednesday Brian took off work and we had a family day which also included the first outpatient therapy session since January and a quick visit from Joplin Gpa.

( i mean, look at that determination. come on, people, my girls have spunk)

We also spent some time as a family outdoors. Sunshine plus snuggles equals a happy momma.

Wednesday night brought a low grade fever, but thats it. Hoping it was a withdrawal issue, we jumped into Thursday. As you could guess---it was not as we had hoped. Thursday brought a few more fevers and finally Thursday night we had to give in and bring Livi back to the ER with fevers, increased heart rate and decreased oxygen. She obviously has some kind of new infection.

So, here I sit, in Livi's hospital room because I'm staying with her tonight. We have no idea whether this will be a few days and some antibiotics and she's good, or if the last horrible stay was a shadow of whats to come. Right now she's stable and only had one really low grade fever today. Brian and I did have a meeting with some very close friends and some hospital personnel who are very close to our family. We discussed some possibilities for Olivia's care at home if we can get her there and with our family's options for not putting her through what happened last time over and over again. Luckily, the Lord has blessed Brian and I with incredible insight from very knowledgeable and God-fearing people and a unified heart on all "quality of life" discussions. Please continue to pray for Olivia, but also for Brian and I to make appropriate decisions that honor Olivia as a person if we get to a fork in the road.

I plan to keep you updated better than I have so far. Its so hard to think about blogging when I get to snuggle my girls at home, though.


  1. Snuggling is always more important - especially for a mama:). I plan on doing a little bit of that myself come tomorrow....

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that Kelly! If there's anything I can do, let me know.

  3. My heart cracked just a little for you...So sorry to hear of Olivia's readmission. I know those are not always easy conversations to have, thank you for loving your daughter enough to have them. Just snuggle all you can.