Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vented again

Just a few hours after I published the last blog post Livi made a fool of me again. She had been doing well on bipap, but turns out the virus was causing more problems than we knew it would. She is now on a ventilator, but seems to be doing pretty well. Her settings are pretty low and she is sedated so much that she isn't frustrated by the tube down her throat. Ear Nose and Throat surgery team decided they wanted to wait until next week some time to perform her tracheostomy--in hopes that the few extra days that gives them will allow her to get better from this virus. We hope so too. So, in the mean time, we are trying spend a little less time at the hospital (since Livi doesn't even know we're there) and leave her in the capable hands of the wonderful nurses we have grown to more than appreciate. 

Brian and I are still trying to navigate life with two kids and one in the hospital for about two and a half months now. We are growing and learning so much, but for reasons that we hoped we would never have to. The Lord has been so gracious to give us a spirit of unity and peace so that instead of being stressed and arguing all the time, we are trying to use these lessons to grow closer together-- become better parents, better spouses, and more like Christ. 

Gabs is Gabs. She is such a delight and stink'n hilarious most of the time, now. Giggly and silly and going 90 to nothing non-stop. Its going to be hard keeping up with her once she starts moving very far on her own. She already is pushing herself on her back a few feet at a time. I can't wait for her and her big sister to spend more time together.

We love you all and thanks a ton for all your support!

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