Thursday, March 29, 2012

Surgery tomorrow

I haven't actually talked with Ear Nose and Throat in a week, but Livi's surgery is still supposed to be tomorrow to get her trach. At this point we are almost excited about it just so we can move on. Livi is actually not sick any more and has just been hanging out on the ventilator all week waiting for surgery, which stinks, but are options are pretty limited if we want her to be ready for surgery. She has been on a lot of sedation (because she has developed a tolerance for those medications, she needs more than before for the same effect) which means the withdrawal will be more difficult, but we can start weaning sedation as soon as she has her trach in. It will be so strange to see my little girl with this new thing on her neck. It'll take some getting used to, but the prayer is she might not have to have it for forever, just depends on how she develops neurologically. She will have it for a minimum of a year, though. So, in light of that, here is a beautiful picture of my girl (vented, but beautiful) without her trach.

Her tongue is out because I had just put some chapstick on her lips and sedated though she might be, she is still her ornery self-- licking all the chapstick off the minute I get it on there.

Gabs has decided she is a grown-up now, sitting in her bumbo and playing with toys. This monkey sings and dances and she LOVES it--babysitters take note.

Sorry the posting has been few and far between. Partly because we have a computer on the fritz and partly because Livi's been the same--sedated and waiting for surgery all week. We would LOVE your prayers tomorrow and we'll let you know whats up as soon as we know.


  1. We will be praying for you, Brian and sweet Livi!

  2. Praying for your sweet girl today!

  3. i don't know why i'm crying.

    love you guys.