Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Things are still winding down from our week trip over Thanksgiving, but I finally got the Christmas lights up, the mantle decorated and the tree up. Those pictures are at the bottom of this post. Today, my darling Olivia had a visit from her vision teacher who found the switch we are ordering for her at Coalition for Independence and brought it to us along with a power link, the thing that allows us to hook the switch up to control anything that plugs in. So today we tried it. First we let Olivia turn the mantle Christmas lights off and on. As soon as we showed her what it did she remembered and went to town beating the heck out of the switch. Then we plugged it up to a computer to allow her to play a game where when she hits the switch the balloons pop. She played for a full hour without much of a break and yelled at our vision teacher when she took the computer because she had to leave. The change in her is incredible. She is getting so much more response/input than before and is having a ball playing for the first time in a long time. We are so proud and grateful.

I don't know. You tell me. Does this look like an ornery face to you? She is hitting the switch to the computer.

When she hits the switch one of these balloons pops. There is also music playing.

Now she is turning the lights on the mantle on and off.

Our Christmas tree.

This is our mantle. Yes that is still the same color paint sample we put up a million years ago. No we have no painted, but I have decided on a color. Of course not that one. One of these days...

This is one of my favorites. Last night when we were waiting for daddy to come home.


  1. your mantle is freaking ridonkulous. i love that! and i love the progress of the littlest chicken! so proud of her...

  2. Sorry, that paint business is my fault - I just wanted to see what the color would look like up against the fireplace. Another job left undone.....
    But who cares when Livi is lighting up the house with her boosted activity level and her parents (and everyone else) are ecstatic about it? Praise be to God!!!

  3. um, where did you get those stocking?! i've been trying to find vintage looking stockings like that so i thought i was going to have to make them myself. will you email me where you got the? audrey.baker@gmail.com...also, i love your mantle. i want it.

    i can't believe how big olivia is getting!

  4. I love switches - especially for these reasons! So glad Olivia is engaged more and interacting with the stuff around her. This future OT is so proud of her!