Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

We had a fabulous week! Our big event was a breakfast put on by an awesome new magazine called Parenting Children with Special Needs. They are linked there. They put out a new edition every two months in the Kansas City area with great stories and resources for people who parent or care for kids with special needs. They have been a fantastic encouragement to us just through the magazine, but this past Saturday we got to meet a bunch of families and people who work for the magazine. It was fantastic! We met a Zona Rosa and got breakfast and Olivia got to sit on Santa's lap. You'll have to bear with me. These pictures are in opposite order from what I wanted, but I'm just too lazy to switch them.

This is Olivia (the second time on Santa's lap), Santa, and the elf is Stephanie, the wonderful woman responsible for starting up the magazine. If you get on the website the first edition is about her son.

Not that it needs any explanation, but this is Olivia the first time seeing Santa--asleep.

The three of us eating breakfast before the big man got there. Olivia, still asleep.

When we first got there. Really excited. Probably also hating the Santa hat.
The breakfast was a great experience for Brian and I. We met several people and just felt comfortable being with other families with children with special needs. In addition to people from the magazine, we also met a woman from a local charity that helps provide mobility devices to special needs families including adaptive bikes, wheelchairs and chairlifts for cars. Please check them out and support them however you can. Their name is Variety Charity of Kansas City.
We realize that as a family we have been incredibly blessed to receive all of our adaptive equipment without paying for it ourselves. There are those that really need it and cannot find the resources--please, please help them out in any way you can. This adaptive equipment, unfortunately, is all very expensive and is impossible for many families who are already in a huge financial strain because of medical bills.
We are now looking forward to a wonderful Christmas at home with Nana and Papa who should be arriving tomorrow to beat the snow. We will post plenty of pictures, including ones with the new apron Grandma just bought for Olivia. Too cute for words.

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  1. what a cute little thing. she was like, whatever santa...

    such attitude. LOL