Saturday, April 20, 2013


So, we took some time off from blogging. It wasn't intentional, but in hindsight, I guess we needed it. We're doing fine. We're having no crisis, no big news, no anything substantial or life-changing, but I figured after a while enough was enough. Never mind the two and a half month gap I feel that needs to be filled. Trust me, I don't think you want a play by play of the last few months. We'll just start where we start and say what we have to say and maybe I can get myself over the anxiety of starting this little corner of our life back over...


So.....................................Trolley Run 2013. Who is in? By the way, its next weekend: Sunday, April 28th very early in the morning because, I guess, thats when its appropriate to have these kinds of events.

Seriously, we have a team call "Remembering Livi" and we would love for you to join us in the walk/run or just give us your money. Well, not us-- CCVI (Children's Center for the Visually Impaired). As a family we don't wave a lot of flags, but if we had one for them we would. This is where Liv got therapy and eventually went to preschool for a year. The money goes to the school and helps more kids and families with visually impairments navigate a world that is difficult without help. The staff here is beyond remarkable and we could never say enough good things about them. Please help us say "thank you" to our amazing friends by signing up to run or donate. Follow the link at the top of the paragraph to register.

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