Monday, November 5, 2012

3 course meal

Here is the appetizer: I'm sorry. I've done it again. This time I sort of have an excuse. I honestly haven't been feeling well the past few weeks. I'm not a very good "rester" though and its difficult to say if "taking care of myself" doesn't feel just like lazy. The lines are blurry for me.

Since I last posted Brian has turned 30. We had a wonderful party with all of our friends to celebrate the man in my life that I am most proud of. Also, I am about 8 months younger than him, so I get to rub it in for a bit.

Gabby is NOT walking, though we are walking around the house holding just one of her hands now. She usually walks in a kind of circle when we do this, but its too cute to pass up.

The main course: You wanna hear one of my biggest problems? Its fall. Thats not the bad part, I love fall, but I think I love fall because its crazy busy. The bustle of the holidays starts earlier every year and now blends right into getting ready for school and Halloween. I LOVE football and all the outdoor activities you try and squeeze in before it gets really cold. My problem is I don't slow down. I don't stop and I don't think. Honestly, my attempts at quiet or thoughtful time lately (only when Gabs is napping) is full of making a list of things I haven't done yet. No lie. Its super depressing and super discouraging. I'm not writing this post because I found a solution. I 'm writing it because I haven't. Because every day I wake up with incredible intentions and fail them one after the other. I'm guessing you're not too different. Maybe we can work on that together?

Lord, I like to have a full calendar more than I like spending meaningful time with you. Please, help me!

The dessert: So even though Gabs isn't walking, don't mistake-- she is doing PLENTY of funny things. Here is a sweet treat.

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