Monday, November 29, 2010

The Thanksgiving Tour 'O the South

I haven't blogged in about 10 days--I know. But this time there is a good reason. We have been gone from KC since a week before Thanksgiving on our family tour of the south land. We dropped the dog off in Joplin with my parents for the week, got some sleep, and then made a 7hr journey to Hallsville, Tx--where Brian is from. We had a fabulous time! Livi did great, I wasn't a total moron and actually packed enough of everything, and Brian got back to his roots:

This is Brian and his dad cutting down a tree for fire wood for the winter.
Livi had an awesome time catching up with Nana and Papa and actually convinced them to come brave the KC winter for Christmastime:
Sorry, Nana. I know you didn't have time to get ready this morning. Too much cuddling going on.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving we left TX and drove 5 more hours to Fort Smith, AR where my sister and her husband and my parents (and my sisters adorable house just screaming for Christmas decorations) were waiting on us. We stuffed ourselves again on Thursday with a lovely feast and had the best time laughing and carrying on:

No I am not posing as Mrs. Clause, mother. Just simultaneously decorating and waiting for stuff to come out of the oven. Geez.

Uh, I have no cutesy introduction to this photo. It just is what it is:
Sorry, Mal. Hate to do that to you. Well, don't HATE it...

After that there was actually another stop in Joplin on Friday to pick up the dog and have Thanksgiving with the grandparents, my brother and sister-in-law and uncle, but by then we were so stuffed and tired that we forgot to take pictures. Sorry.
We got home on Saturday, watched the Pigs beat LSU (GO HOGS!), tried to rest yesterday, and then showed up for PT and OT this morning at the hospital at 8:30. It started out well. Yes, this is the "well" part. There are no picutres of the "not well" part also known as sleeping through OT. Andrea (our awesome PT) is working on walking with Olivia. She, of course, is making Livi do all the work, which is why she is so upset. Livi did take a few steps on her own today with a walker. YAY:

Doing well.

And beginning "not well".

I do have some more things to say, but am exhausted as I'm sure you are from reading this and will post later. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. fun fun fun! cry out it's for your own good, sista! sweet platypus...

  2. supposed to say, cry it out. not cry out it. LOL

  3. Walking? WOHOO! Praise the Lord!